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3  סט דיזות  ומחט1 ממ . 3 ממ. 5 ממ

צינור איירבראש 2 מטר

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VL Double Action – Internal Mix – Siphon Feed Airbrush:The VL series is our most popular Airbrush due to its durability and ability to spray most material whether thick or thin. The stainless steel needle and nickel silver tip handle water based or solvent based mediums. The VL airbrush offers versatility with three interchangeable head sizes. This model can achieve spray patterns from fine detail to broader coverage handling light, medium and heavy fluids. The rounded head allows for easy removal of any dried paint with just a pinch of your fingers.

VL-SET Includes:VL airbrush with size 3 head, size 1 & 5 heads, 1 oz bottle assembly, 1/4oz metal cup, 1oz storage bottle, 6′ braided hose, hanger, wrench and lessons book.

Features:• Airbrush Made In The USA• Three head sizes for any application• Highly polished & hardened stainless steel needles for long life and reduced clogging• Line adjustment screw that can be used to pre-adjust paint flow• Solvent proof PTFE needle packing allows spraying of water & solvent based paints• Removable needle protector for fine detail spraying• Chrome plated body

Specs:Part Number: VL-SET

Type: Double action, Internal mix, Siphon feed

Head Size: Size 1 (.55mm), Size 3 (.74mm), Size 5 (1.05mm)


Packing: PTFE – Can spray solvent or water based fluidsAir Volume: 20 PSI @ .5 CF

MAir Pressure: 20-75 PSIAir Inlet: ¼-20 Thread (Paasche thread) – adapters availableBottle size: 1/4oz to 8oz bottles available

Spray Pattern: 1/32 to 1-1/2

Weight: 1.1 Lbs

Finish: Chrome plated body





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